Finance Strategy

Building a Stable Financial Base

■ Rating JCR: AA (stable) R&I: AA- (stable)

Basic Financial Information

  End of 16th Fiscal Period
Composition ratio End of 17th Fiscal Period
Loans 196.9
billion yen
87% 196.9
billion yen
of which are short-term loans
billion yen
10 0%
Investment corporation bonds 29.0
billion yen
13% 29.0
billion yen
Total interest-bearing debt 225.9
billion yen
100% 225.9
billion yen
Total Assets LTV 49.9%   49.9%  
Appraisal LTV 41.2%   40.2%  


Reducing Financial Costs and Lengthening Durations and Fixing Interest Rates in Preparation for the Changes in the Financial Environment

Average Interest Rates and Average Remaining Years of Debts

Ratio of Fixed Interest Rate Debts

Maturity Ladder Flattened Below The Total Amount of Committed Line of Credit

■ 20 billion yen of committed line of credit (3 year term)

    - Benefits of the committed line of credit
        Minimizing funding risks & timely funding of acquisitions

Distributed Repayments