The ITOCHU Collaboration

ADR will achieve its basic strategy through multi-dimensional support such as the provision of properties, the sourcing of property information and property management by optimally applying the strong business foundation of the ITOCHU Group and its support companies.

ITOCHU Support

Collaboration with the ITOCHU Group

Acquisition of Properties from ITOCHU Support Line Companies

ADR and its asset management company are fully utilizing ITOCHU support line companies to enable steady growth over the medium to long term. Thereby securing a preferential opportunity to acquire properties (note) that have been planned and developed by ITOCHU support line companies boasting a wealth of experience in developing for-sale condominiums.

(Note) Properties include properties planned and developed by ITOCHU support line companies or by SPCs where ITOCHU support line companies are the asset managers or have equity interests as a silent partner.
  • ● We are convinced that this will enable ADR to secure opportunities to acquire new properties of sustained quality based on the condominium development know-how of ITOCHU support line companies.
  • ● In addition to increasing the development of properties that meet the investment policy of ADR, we believe that the exchange of information on the rental market, and debate on and examination of the commercial viability of rental housing issued between the asset manager and ITOCHU support line companies will generate even more opportunities for ADR to acquire properties.