Materiality Identification

Ⅱ. Materiality Identification



(sustainability-related important issues)


Related SDGs

Environmental Issues

Climate change-related initiatives (contribution to low-carbon society)

Management and reduction of energy consumption, CO2 emissions, water consumption, and waste emissions

・Disclosing energy saving targets and results.

・Installing energy saving equipment and engaging tenants toward environment friendly living.

・Promotion of introduction of renewable energy


Acquisition of environmental and energy-saving certifications

Acquisition of Green Building Certification and BELS


Collaboration with stakeholders on environmental considerations

・Promoting understanding and cooperation with major venders, property management companies and building management companies on environment-friendly measures.

・PM / BM company monitoring

・Expansion of green procurement guidelines for suppliers (PM / BM / contractors)

・Holding sustainability seminars on sustainability and prCO2 emmision reduction activities at the asset management company.


Social Issues

Initiatives for stakeholders

Improvement of tenant satisfaction, engagement with tenants

・Conduct periodical tenant satisfaction survey

・Extending customer services through “RESIDIA Customer Support” and providing dedicated smart phone application , etc.

・Setting green-lease contract clauses

・Installation of emergency maps and emergency kits

・Sending of sustainability guides

・Implementation of awareness-raising activities on sustainability


Contributing to local communities

・Installed AED and donation capable vending machines in properties.

・Sponsored architectural design competition for students and collaborated with the academia on research projects.


Pursuit of Unitholders’ profit through customer-oriented business conduct

・Established Principles for Customer-Oriented Business Conduct.

・Installed management fee structure that is aligned to unitholders’ profit.

・Introduced investment unit ownership program for directors and officers of the asset management company to align their interest to unitholder’s interest.


Initiatives for officers and employees

Promoting diversity and talent development

・Installed career development programs, support for attaining degrees and certifications and job-specific development training programs.

・The management company is committed to promote female employees to managerial position and extending employment for retirees.


Creating a work environment for Decent Work

・Introduced nursing leave, volunteering leaves hourly based paid vacation to promote the usage of paid vacation.

・Installed RPA and other productivity enhancing systems.

・Practice management for corporate health to maintain and improve employee’s physical and mental health.



Strengthening of governance

Strong corporate governance structure

・Installed Compliance Committee and Investment Committee with independent members.

・Installed Sustainability Committee and a dedicated team to promote sustainability organization-wide.

・Installed measures to insure fair handling of transactions with conflict of interests.


Risk management for sustainable business growth

Strengthening resilience

・Strengthened compliance and risk management structure.

・Established strengthened BCP to battle disasters.

・Committing to identify risks and opportunity on climate change related risks.


We have identified our materiality using the following methodology.


We have identified issues for consideration from wide range of issues concerning economy, environment and society by referring to guidelines from GRI Standards and external evaluations (GRESB, DJSI, MSCI ESG, etc.)


We determined nine issues to be material among the identified issues, for consideration by evaluating and ranking the potential impact on ADR and the level of stakeholder’s concern regarding the issues.


The nine issues that have been identified as material at our sustainability committee, have been authorized by our Representative Director as issues material to ADR’s initiatives in promoting sustainability.


In order to flexibly address to changing challenges, reflect stakeholders expectations and improve our disclosure transparency we will periodically review our materiality.