R-54 RESIDIA Tsutsujigaoka

Location(East building) 2-2 Teppoumachi-naka, (West building) 2-1 Teppoumachi-naka, Miyagino-ku, Sendai-shi, Miyagi
Nearest station A 8-minute walk from JR Tohoku main Line Sendai Station
Site area1,461.20m²
FloorsEAST:12 floors, WEST:11 floors
Leasable units168
Floor spaceEAST:3,253.86, WEST:2,982.56m²
Leasable area5,415.90m²
CompletedNov. 11, 2006
Acquisition price1,796,000,000 yen
Master lease typeHASEKO LIVENET, Inc.
Property managerPass-through
  • ● The property is 8-minute walk from JR Tohoku main Line Sendai Station, giving tenants good access to business centers and commercial zone.
  • ● There are many convenient facilities such as a convenience store and a department store and a shopping street within working distance.
  • ● The housing unit plans for the property are mostly 1K. The property can expect demands from singles that commute to city center.