R-63 RESIDIA Kita-Nijyo-East II

Location1-3-4 KitaNijyo-Higashi, Chuo-ku, Sapporoshi, Hokkaido
Nearest station 5-minute walk from Sapporo-city subway Namboku Toho Line Sapporo Station.
Site area399.66m²
Floors14 floors
Leasable units51
Floor space2,905.26m²
Leasable area2,296.58m²
CompletedFeb. 16, 2007
Acquisition price538,610,000 yen
Master lease typePass-through
Property managerK.K. Big Service
  • ● The property is conveniently located with good access to major commercial centers and business centers. It is a 5 minute-walk to Sapporo-city subway Namboku Toho Line Sapporo Station. JR Sapporo Station is also within walking distance. The shopping area within walking distance has a department store which is linked to other stores via underground shopping center.
  • ● Demand for the property can be expected from young single professionals who commute to the business center, DINKS and family household.