R-36 RESIDIA Hisaya-Oodori

LocationNagoya-shi, Aichi Prefecture
Nearest station A 4-minute walk from Hisaya-odori Station on the Nagoya City Subway Sakuradori Line
Site area358.76m²
Floors10 floors
Leasable units57
Floor space1,983.41m²
Leasable area1,684.19m²
CompletedFeb. 1, 2007
Acquisition price652,700,000 yen
Master lease typePass through
Property managerHASEKO LIVENET
  • ● The property is a 4-minute walk to Nagoya City Subway Sakuradori Line, Hisaya-odori Station. It is with in 1 km range from Sakae, Nagoya’s largest shopping area. Although it is situated close to the city center, the neighborhood is relatively quite and therefore popular as a residential area.