R-38 RESIDIA Hirosedori

LocationSendai-shi, Miyagi Prefecture
Nearest station A 10-minute walk from Hirose-dori Station on the Sendai City Subway Nanboku Line
Site area336.72m²
Floors10 floors
Leasable units63
Floor space1,776.35m²
Leasable area1,564.29m²
CompletedFeb. 22, 2010
Acquisition price494,000,000 yen
Master lease typeGuaranteed rent
Property managerJSB
  • ● The property is a 10-minute walk to Sendai City Subway Nanboku Line, Hirose-dori Station, and one station and a 2-minute ride away from Sendai Station. It is also located in walking range of Sendai City’s central shopping area. With Tohoku University and many other educational institution located nearby, there is strong residential demand particularly from singles due to the area’s convenience.