Ⅰ. Sustainability Policy

AD Investment Management Co., Ltd., the asset management company for ADR, established the Sustainability Policy in March 2015. Subsequently, ADR has conducted operations in accordance with this policy as it strives to contribute to creating a sustainable society and to further raise unitholders’ value through such measures that promote sustainability as listed below.

1. Establishing organization-wide structure for compliance and risk management

Organization-wide structure is established to comply with laws and regulation pertaining to ESG and to manage risks.

2. Reduction of energy consumption and CO2 emissions

 Reducing carbon footprint of property holdings by measures such as promoting energy conservation awareness among tenants and installing equipment that are energy efficient.

3. Resource conservation and reduction of waste

Water conservation waste recycle promote tenants resource conservation recycling oriented sustainable society help realize

4. Employee education

Fostering employee awareness on environmental consideration and promoting environmentally conscious practices through education.

5. Stakeholder engagement

Employee cooperation between property manager to provide high quality housing society contribute tenants

6. Transparent disclosures

Reporting ESG policies and measures to unitholders through transparent disclosures.