Social Contributions

Social Contributions

ADR conducts the following initiatives to increase tenants’ satisfaction which will stabilize and improve profitability of its properties.

Increasing tenants’ satisfaction

1.Tenant Satisfaction Surveys

ADR triennially conducts satisfaction surveys for tenants residing at RESIDIA branded properties.

  Date of
the survey
No. of

Total No. of
People Surveyed


Total No. of
1 Between April
to July 2014
3,106 14,155 21.9% 19,078 74.2%
2 Between Sept.
to Nov. 2017
3,945 16,445 24.0% 20,842 79.0%
3 Between Apr.
to Jun. 2020
7,705 18,000 42.8% 21,332 74.2%
4 Between May.
to Jun. 2023
5,533 18,821 29.4% 21,836 86.2%

Tenants showed high satisfaction towards the location (for commuting ease, good local environment) and the quality of management of common spaces.

2. Tenant Services*

ADR offers a variety of services toward tenants residing in ADR’s properties to enhance tenant’s satisfaction to improve tenant retention rate. Examples of the services include “RESIDIA Customer Support” which is a support desk exclusively for tenants and “Moving Style,” offers discounts for tenants who are moving from one RESIDIA apartment to another.

* Please visit the RESIDIA website[Japanese only] for details.

3.Emergency Maps and Emergency Kits

On common area walls of properties, ADR puts up emergency maps (as of end of January 2024, in 100% of its 283 properties). indicating evacuation routes to evacuation sites which help to ensure safety during the occurrence of a disaster as well as to raise disaster prevention awareness.
 Also, in many of its “RESIDIA” branded residence, ADR distribute emergency kits free of charge to any tenant who wishes for such kits.

Emergency Maps

Emergency Kits

4.Renovation to shared space

In order to accommodate diverse lifestyles, the common areas of the following two properties were renovated and offered to tenants as shared space.
 Residia Kamata (refurbished an unused meeting room into a share space)
 Residia Nakano-Fujimidai (common room was renovated into a working space)

Contributing to Local Communities

In many ADR’s properties, AEDs are available for public use and vending machines that make charitable donation to a pediatric cancer treatment facility using part of the proceeds from the sales of its merchandise are installed (As of January 2024, AED: 63 units, donated vending machines: 21 units).

Sponsoring College Student Investment Presentation Contest

 Sponsored and participated in “The Third University Student Investment Presentation Contest” organized by the Student Investment Union (USIC) held in February 2019. In this contest, 13 investment clubs of universities belonging to USIC were each assigned to one of the 12 listed companies participating. The clubs were to evaluate the assigned company with an investor’s perspective through interviews with the target company’s personnels and by researching the company’s disclosure materials, and make a presentation on what they have discovered.

Coincidently, Kokugakuin University team who was assigned ADR, won the contest.

By sponsoring such events, IRM believe that IRM were able to contribute in promoting investment literacy among students.

Human Rights Policy and the Promotion of Diversity

IRM formulated a Human Rights Policy in February 2021 to fulfill our responsibility of respecting the human rights of all people involved in our business operations. IRM support the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other international norms on human rights, and IRM will pursue initiatives to promote respect for human rights.
Furthermore, as a means of increasing diversity, IRM have positive action initiatives in place to support the active participation of women.

Human Resource Strategy

Stable growth of ADR is dependent on the talents of IRM’s personnel. The human resource and talent development strategy at IRM is aimed at realizing their potential to the fullest.
Specifically, IRM defines all the required technical and social skills for each level of work on which each employee will be evaluated and use the evaluations to hire, train and promote employees.
To help employees realize their potential and develop their career, they are able to declare their career path wishes. The declaration will be used to consider optimal assignment of positions.

*In accordance to the “Act on Investment Trusts and Investment Corporations” ADR outsources its asset management, custody, administration and prohibited to hire employees, other than executive directors and supervisory directors.

Employee Benefits, Work-Life Balance, Health and Productivity Management

IRM is enhancing its benefit programs and introducing systems to realize diverse work styles suited to each employee's life stage and relationship with society in order to enhance employees' work-life balance.

Telecommuting and flextime systems
Hourly paid leave
Childcare leave, shortened work hours
 (support for balancing work and childcare)
nursing leave
Special leave system for volunteer activities, community contribution activities, childcare support, periodic health checkups, and explanations of the results of such checkups.

In addition, IRM practice health and productivity management to promote efforts that enable our personnel and their families to maintain and improve their health in mind and body.

Human Resource / Talent Development Statistics

Please see the links below for details on IRM employee composition, working styles, system usage records, etc.