P-13 RESIDIA Sakurajosui

LocationSetagaya Ward, Tokyo
Nearest station A 1-minute walk from Sakurajosui Station on the Keio Line
Site area558.96m²
Floors8 floors
Leasable units39
Floor space1,436.02m²
Leasable area1,201.37m²
CompletedJul. 7, 2006
Acquisition price1,120,000,000 yen
Master lease typePass through
Property managerITOCHU Urban Community
  • ● A 38-unit, 8-story condominium with a convenience store on the first floor.
  • ● Only a 1-minute walk to Sakurajosui Station on the Keio Line, which is only 12 minutes from Shinjuku Station by express.
  • ● Located in a convenient area full of houses and stores.