R-64 RESIDIA Takamiya

Location20-9 Tamagawacho, Minami-ku, Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka
Nearest station 8-minute walk from Nishi-Nippon railway Tenjin-Omuta Line Takamiya Station
Site area795.57m²
Floors6 floors
Leasable units51
Floor space1,631.99m²
Leasable area1,556.02m²
CompletedFeb. 11, 2007
Acquisition price488,570,000 yen
Master lease typePass-through
Property managerHASEKO LIVENET, Inc.
  • ● The property is a 6-minute walk from Nishi-Nippon railway Tenjin-Omuta Line Takamiya Station. It is a 6-minute train ride to Tenjin area which is a major commercial center and a major business district. Hakata area is also easily commutable by bus or bicycle. There is a supermarket in front of Takamiya station and a convenient store is within walking distance from the property, making it a convenient place to live.
  • ● The area is a popular residential neighborhood where there are many corporate housing and dormitories. The property will see demand from singles and DINKS who commute to city center.