Portfolio Guideline

ADR will build its portfolio based on the following guideline.

Investment regions

Investment regions Investment ratio*3
Tokyo 23 Wards*1 Tokyo Central 7 Wards 70〜100%
Central Tokyo (ex 7 Wards)
Other Regions*2 Tokyo Metropolitan Area 0〜30%
Regional cities

*1 Of the Tokyo 23 Wards, Chiyoda, Shibuya, Shinjuku, Meguro, Setagaya and Shinagawa wards are classified as Tokyo Central 7 Wards and the remaining wards are classified as Central Tokyo.

*2 Other Regions are Tokyo Metropolitan Area (Tokyo Metropolis excluding the Tokyo 23 Wards and prefectures of Kanagawa, Saitama and Chiba) and Major Regional Cities.

*3 Ratios are calculated based on acquisition prices.

Unit types

Unit types Investment ratio*
Single 〜50%
Compact 20〜40%
Family 20〜40%
Large 〜10%

Moreover, ADR may conduct the following investments aside from the investment ratio above

Unit type Definition Investment ratio*
Dormitory type Residential property where each unit shares common bathrooms and laundry spaces. Up to 20%
* Investment ratios are calculated based on leasable area.

Definition of unit types

S = Single, C = Compact, F = Family, L = Large

Number of rooms〜30㎡〜40㎡〜50㎡〜60㎡〜70㎡〜80㎡〜90㎡over 90㎡
Studio S S C C L L L L
1 bedroom S C C C L L L L
2 bedroom C C F F F F L
3 bedroom F F F F F L
4 bedroom F F F L